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Femdom Nurse welcomes you to its medical femdom movie and picture gallery! Not to beat around the bush, let me tell you about the movies first: in here you can enjoy hot German medical fetish movies, with various cruel nurse teams subjecting their helpless patients to all sorts of unpleasant medical procedures. Screen captures above reveal some of them: the first movie kicks of with a masked slave tied down to a gyno chair and nurses treating his nipples and balls with vacuum gizmos. Then he is subjected to nipple piercing and rather painful, but at the same time exciting, vacuum CBT torture. In the end, the patient is allowed to wank his excited cock off into a paper cup, while the redhead nurse amuses herself with pinching his nipples. The second video shows us a male sissy in another gyno chair, surrounded with three masked nurses, who start his medical therapy by injecting saline solution into his scrotum. As a result, his balls assume the entertaining shape of a small baloon! Afterwards, his anus gets a thorough inspection, and our hero is forced to wince with pain as this large, blunt instrument is shoved deep up his ass. Finally, one kind nurse takes pity on the sissy, gives him a light cock massage and releases the excited bastard! The movies can be watched as streaming media, or downloaded and stored onto your hard drive for later viewing. Alright, on to the pictures now...

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Femdom Nurse brings you video clips and images of nurse anal domination, medical femdom and CBT slave torture!