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Welcome to CBT Fetish, a femdom picture archive of extreme genital torture and agony! Sample photos on this page demonstrate what type of content you can expect to find in the gallery: pro-quality images of merciless pain infliction, of course. In here you can see world-renowned femdom divas Payne, Ilsa Strix, Cheyenne Dragonfury, Tawny Robers and Katja Minx indulge their penchant for hurting male slaves in a really bad way. All these pathetic submissives are firmly bound and unable to protect their precious private parts; of course, evil dommes seize this fine opportunity with both hands, so to speak. Immobile and utterly helpless, these unfortunate bastards are made lucky recipients of cruel cock biting and clamping, balls trampling and squeezing...the list of femdom atrocities could go on forever. Their evil imagination is boundless when it comes to inventing ways of hurting their male pigs!
So, if you think you have enough guts to savor this immense suffering, climb down into the dungeon and enjoy yourself!

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CBT Fetish brings you CBT photos of balls biting torture, cock bondage, trampling and whipping CBT!